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We thank you for your visit online to our online toy and plush toy wholesale shop.

We are a wholesale store in Pluche Toys and we thank you for your visit our online store with a large quantity of Toys and Plush toys. 
We are specialized in plush toys, soccer, football, small presents, toys and give a ways.
Our huge collection includes the following license articles:

Disney Winnie the Pooh, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Minions, Teletubbies, Hello Kitty, Bob the Builder, Dora, Thomas the Train, Care Bears, Toy Story 3 and Shrek !

We also sell  a number of interesting stock lots, which you are able to purchase through our 30 years of global network experience.
Our collection consists of plush toys, small and large gifts.
These articles are very suitable for shops, service stations, theme parks, playgrounds, zoo’s, restaurants and many other enterprises, companies.
In Apeldoorn you are welcome in our Dino Trading showroom. Here you can purchase full cartons, boxes, per article and pick up your order directly or place an order. For smaller quantities per article we have our Dino CC (Cash & Carry)

We are only able to deliver to companies with a valid number of registration of chamber commerce, and therefore we kindly ask you to take a minute to register yourself online with us.
After verification of your data you will receive from us a login name and code. Once you are able to login all the prices will be visible.
We are using  two price levels. There is a price indication of the numbers for small quantities, for example 6 pieces in a box and there is a price indicating full cartons. You can easily make your choice.
The quantity is automatically added into your basket. In the shopping basket you can adjust the quantities or change the articles.
Minimum purchase amount is Euro 100,- .
The freight cost for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany is 6% of the total order amount exclusive the VAT, if your delivery address is in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany and your order is bigger than €1500,- we deliver your order free of charge (Free House).
The freight cost for all other countries is specified in our Freightcost table below.

Country Freightcost Exportdocument
Freightcost Table
Denmark       10%  
Austria       10%  
France       10%  
Great Brittain       10%  
Liechtenstijn       10%           €27,-
Switserland       10%           €27,-
Italy       10%  
Monaco       10%           €27,-
Spain       10%  
Andorra       15%           €27,-
Czech Republic       15%  
Portugal       15%  
Poland       15%  
Finland       15%  
Gibraltar       15%           €27,-
Slovenia       20%  
Slovakia       20%  
Hungary       20%  
Norway       15%           €27,-
Sweden       15%  
Bosnia & Herzegovina       20%           €27,-
Bulgary       20%  
Estonia       20%  
Croatia       20%  
Latvia       20%  
Lithuania       20%  
Romania       20%  
Serbia       25%           €27,-
Ireland       15%  
Greece       25%  
Iceland       25%           €27,-
The rest of the World       Ex Works           Collect only

After receipt of your payment we will try to complete your order within 2 working days and send the merchandise with DPD parcel service to the address you provide us.

Because we continuously changing our articles on our web site we advise you to check our latest updates.

Please sign up for the newsletter so that we are able to inform you about our latest offers.

Best Regards,

Dino Trading b.v.
Lange Amerikaweg 73
7332 BP  Apeldoorn
COC : 09091513
VAT NR : NL.804.837.429.B01

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday : 8.30 - 17.00

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